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Our values, families, and finances are under assault from every corner.

For years, politicians have secured votes by promising energetic, conservative leadership that will stem the tide and restore common sense and our constitutional freedoms. But they haven’t kept their word, and the American dream has continued to slip away.

Fight Right understands that we need leaders who walk the walk. We must raise up leaders who tell the truth and deliver on their promises. And it’s also past time to hold weak and dishonest politicians accountable.

For our children, our communities, and our great American heritage, that’s not too much to ask.

Fight Right, Inc. was created to help tell voters the truth about politicians who break their promises and abandon conservative principles—politicians like Nikki Haley.  Fight Right will work alongside the premier DeSantis Super PAC, Never Back Down, to achieve a DeSantis victory.

Never Back Down created and deployed the most impressive ground game in presidential election history—the type of ground game we believe will make the crucial difference on caucus and primary election days in the next few months.  And NBD has hosted Governor DeSantis at dozens—if not hundreds—of stops in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.  Along with its now-famous bus tour, NBD has also run powerful positive media about Governor DeSantis, helping to introduce “America’s Governor” to voters throughout the Nation.

Fight Right exists for one purpose: to shed light on the failed records and leadership of Governor DeSantis’s opponents.  We plan to do so by flooding the zone with strategic tv advertisements.  And because we’re a compact, lean organization, nearly 100% of the money Fight Right receives will be spent on putting powerful ads on the air that educate voters and tell them the facts the media and other candidates won’t.

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